Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

62.14 mile gravel race possibility...

Contemplated a ride into work today, knee still a bit too sore. Maybe tomorrow...
This looks very enticing CIRREM ! Have to see how the recovery goes. Looks like Cuz and GT are in!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Posting a late post, posthaste, postmortem, far from postopia.

Catching up -

No rides lately, able to walk abit easier now though which is a definite plus. Does snow blowing count as physical therapy???

Family has had some serious bouts with the flu, I've escaped thus far. Ethan and Katie are better but Eli has had to visit the ER for an IV to keep hydrated. He's still struggling. He's a tough little man though!

Wife rescued a couple more abandoned little dogs that have since been adopted out( after a good shave and treatments) to great families who will do a better job than the previous owners. One was a Terri-poo and the other a Lhasa Apso. Had we not already housed 4 pooches, we would have kept them.

In other news, some friends on facebook posted a pic of myself and a good friend of mine while on a tour of the Great Lakes, Sandusky Ohio, and Canada back in 1989. Brought back some good memories even though it was 20 years ago. I am quite amazed that we haven't changed at all;)!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Treacherous 25

Met 8 other fellows in CF for Adams slap of gravel goodness. I don't recall much gravel, just a lot of ice. Made for a good challenge, I mean, it doesn't usually take 2.5-3 hrs to go 25 miles.... It was a great ride non-the less. I got a bit overconfident with my under-inflated ignitors on the ice and paid the price. Bike went right, left leg went left, soon to be followed by the body that fell somewhere in the middle. Lower half of the leg taco'ed out and OUCH. Luckily it was cold enough to subdue the pain, enough so, that Jeremy Fry could pedal w/ me the final 6 or 7 miles. Thanks, you are a true gentleman! Now it is off to the Doc tomorrow for an MRI I suppose and knee brace. Geesh. Walking is still a bit of a chore that usually involves some choice colorful words, just ask my wife. Sorry honey! I'll leave you with a couple mobile pics- though there are a few more floating around on facebook.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Post Holiday Ramblings....

Made it through Christmas and the New Year successfully, though in some kind of crud that was a mix of a cold, an inability to sleep, and general apathy. Of course that resulted in a huge lack of interest on my behalf that transcended any of the standard holiday cheer I normally feel. I did get in some quality time with the people and friends I love. Probably doesn't make it easy for the family, but I think I did the best I could. Glad that is over. Interests are back this morning and I said a prayer of thanks and for guidance.

Looking forward to a good slap in the face tomorrow whether it comes by the gravel, co-riders, or inclimate weather. Thanks for putting this ride together A-lo!

Looks like the ride leaves from Cup of Joes on Main around 9 or 10.