Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Something a bit faster.

Getting used to the cooler weather. 18 degrees this am, not too bad. Decided to ride the old Raleigh 48x18. Fun and fast bike.
Really looking forward to Thanksgiving, and not just the eating part.
Have a great day and enjoy your family!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Noticed a hitch-hiker heading north on my way back from lunch. Looked to be a Wartburg college student, probably attempting to get home for Thanksgiving. I wouldn't have hesitated to give the lad a ride had I not had to get back to my desk.... My first thoughts were spent recalling a really good movie, Into the Wild.
Second, I started thinking about my own unchartered adventures taken both as planned, and as unpredictable desperations. Moving out as an unprepared 15 y/o. Being homeless but optimistic, several times. Sleeping in cars, outside, churches, dorm rooms, roach infested hell holes, etc. Getting back and forth to Oregon, whether by bus, trains, or planes and encountering some interesting and sometimes downright scary people. Spending my senior year in a travel trailer on a mountain near the Mckenzie. Being oblivious to what "must be open minded" meant in an apartment ad. Thank God for survival mode. It's all experience that I am happy I've had and could make a good book someday. Done babbling now- Hope that fellow makes it to wherever he is headed!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend in mobile pics

Boone, Iowa. Got some "real" running in w/ a very fast partner.

Eldest son, Ethan waitin for the tail wag over c-ville.

Wonderfull town of Waverly

Over Clarksville

Smooth landing...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Layers like an onion, not a parfait

Had a long ride home into the wind at 28 degrees and took well over an hour last night for 14 miles. This mornings commute was better for two reasons - no wind - and smarter layers. Made it in a hair under an hour.

I don't spend a lot of time researching clothes like I should, more of a trial and error. This AM I did it right. All 5 layers were progressively wetter on the outside and dry towards my body. This usually isn't the case for this sweat hog. I do need some clear goggles though when it is this cold.

Going to get some personal time in this weekend, do some reading, some running, and maybe some meditation in the woods... Have a Great weekend!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forked and rambling

Not being familiar with the geometry of 29er's, one of my initial thoughts w/ the stock SE Stout was that the front end was too heavy and the 110 stem was much too long , hindering my ability to loft the front end, or point and shoot if you will. Thought it a leverage issue and relieved it for a time w/ an 80 DH stem.
I had no idea how much the "landing gear" fork weighed during the recent swap to an Origin 8 Carbon fork. Needless to say the 110 is back on and I'm liking it. Once done, I believe this can be a pretty light, efficient, and sturdy rig. Next up, some "not so utilitarian" hoops w/ skewers and skinny knobby rubber, frame bag, and 34 x 16 gears.
Had thought of putting my Cannondale Lefty Max 140 fork on but the weight weenie in me decided against it. Now I only have to decide w/ rig is TI compatible. I have taken and tested the ol' super rigid chrome killer V for 150 plus gravel miles at a time, felt comfortably good, and had some left at the end. However, I do recall after cresting a couple death ride hills that on the downside the 29ers would effortlessly roll past... hmmm....
Only time and testing will tell.
In other happenings, the 09 IMBCS schedule is being hammered out as we speak by Cam and coordinators. There is talk about a no race fee for the 6 IMBCS series category winners, sounds like a fair deal to me. Camp Ingawanis looks to be set once again as a series stop on May 3rd which will be in conjunction w/ our Trail Run Race/ TT on the 2nd. Yeah, I noticed the dates, all the hard work is the prep anyway and others will have to step up.
In other thoughts.... Paul "The Counselor" has been successful in scholarship fund raising in the past- incorporating it w/ his Trans Iowa participation. I was brainstorming some possibilities w/ this fund raising possibility. We recently had a not so kind person/persons burn down our Bike Trail bridge in Clarksville , perhaps this is an opportunity..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

N.S.N & T.I.

In order to make myself more popular with the Mrs. I am making an "attempt" at No Shave November. We will see where that takes me... so far >>>>

Got in a nice chilly but sunny run in today. Felt pretty good other than running through campus wearing Black, Gold, and Hawkeye gloves... Good thing the 'bergers" are a friendly bunch.

It would also appear that I made the roster for Trans Iowa! Happy Training to the rest of you 74 crazy people!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick and insane

Not a very happening past week with the sickness making its rounds. We should be in the clear from here on out, hopefully. I did get my postcard sent in for TI though. The plan is tackling the 300+ miles aboard the single speed if the postcard makes the cut!Today I get to take a stress test for the heart guy. Should be interesting and am sure all will workout fine.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's Post

Checking out for the weekend!

Tonite is bowling with the kids. Tomorrow is Luther League helping atthe food bank in 'loo, followed by cleaning pop's gutters and a Bike Tech meeting. Other than that it looks like a good weekend to stoke up the wood burner and putz around in the garage...

Have a good weekend and go find some gravel, y'all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cold and windy run today. Overcast with an occasional peek from the sun.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gravel commute via Cedar Bend

Nice hour ride into work at around 14.3 miles. Definitely need to switch out the 18 rear cog for my 15 tooth on the Stout single speed to speed things up a bit. Although with the wind this AM I didn't complain much about the gearing.

I still wouldn't mind hosting a MTB time trial out here sometime. Cedar Bend is definitely one of my favorite places to camp that doesn't break the bank driving to.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Do people normally feel this good or do normal people always feel this good?

Not that I was feeling at all bad before... First 2 miles were trod with heavy legs, suddenly I forgot I was running. Then it was good, then all was good. Positive attitude and an exuberance of optimism and gratitude. Spent a little under an hour at a 7 min mile pace today. As Striker himself has proven - "Gettin Faster"
Lets hope my optimism sticks and we don't see gas prices go right back up after the election....