Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 IORCA schedule

The 2010 Iowa Mountain Biking Championship Series schedule:

IMBCS #1 - April 11 - Sylvan Island, Moline, IL
IMBCS #2 - April 25 - Decorah, IA
IMBCS #3 - May 9 - Camp Ingawanis, Waverly, IA *****
IMBCS #4 - May 23 - Banner Lakes, Indianola, IA
IMBCS #5 - June 6 - Morehead Pioneer Park, Ida Grove, IA
IMBCS #6 - July 17 - Scott County Park, Eldridge, IA
IMBCS #7 - July 25 - Seven Oaks Ski Area, Boone, IA
IMBCS #8 - August 15 - Lake Ahquabi State Park, Indianola, IA
IMBCS #9 - August 29 - Sugarbottom Rec Area, North Liberty, IA
IMBCS #10 - September 25 - Lake Manawa State Park, Council Bluffs, IA
IMBCS #11 - October 3 - Sycamore Trail, Des Moines, IA

Other non-IMBCS races:

Iowa Games MTB Race, Peterson Pits, Ames, IA - TBD
24 Hours of Iowa, Seven Oaks Recreation Area, Boone, IA - September 4 & 5
4th Annual Women's MTB Clinic, Des Moines, IA - TBD
5th Annual Des Moines Dirty Duathlon, Des Moines, IA - TBD

In other news, look for a new local team tearing up the singletrack>>>>> Velo SyndiKat.

Also, the Team formerly known as Bike Tech has regrouped under the name of Twisted Spokes. Between the 2 teams, the Cedar Valley should remain well represented!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy October!

Been getting in some somewhat consistant running lately and making progress. Then it will be time for some base miles on the bike. Not sure why, but I really enjoy fall and winter commuting to work. I can usually get in almost 30 miles a day. It's training with an immediate purpose and the sometimes adverse conditions prep me for any race or event come spring.

Hoping the weather cooperates for both the BevTT/ Sugarbottom Scramble and Big Wheeled Ballyhoo.

IMB meetings will begin again this month- Oct 19th
and an ever important Trail Work Day- Saturday October 17th -8-noon

Plans are also coming together for the 4th annual Turkey Burn the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Passing the time

Been getting in some good running to build the cardio back up before getting back on the bike. Slowly but surely it's all coming back. Seems the older you get, the easier it becomes to put on the fat and lose the muscle. Sometimes a guy just needs inspiration. It could be an event or a PR, it could be health issues, or it could be that you got caught up following this guy on his bike journey to Nebraska from Oregon.

Good luck and stay safe CH! or you can follow his tweets here!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall News

Beginning October 1st, the South Side of Camp will be off-limits due to hunting season. North side remains available anytime. Some re-routes are currently in the works, primarily near Deans Demise andnear Wakosha.
Lots going on in October - Saturday the 17th will be a trail work day 8-12.
Sunday the 19th will be our Fall IMB meeting. 7PM. Meeting location will either be at Doughy Joeys or at the BikeShed at camp. I'll let all know.
We have recieved more applications and will be getting out the 2010 membership cards.

Other happenings this month : October 3rd = BevTT's and Take a Kid Mountain Biking day in CedarRapids
October 4th =Sugar Bottom Scramble in Cedar Rapids
October 9,10,11= Big Wheeled Ballyhoo
As for the Ballyhoo, let me know if anyone wants to come along. Will be leaving either Friday eve or Saturday AM, camping and returning Sunday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fast Freddy has a flyer!

Don't want to miss this one, these guys can put on some great events!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Tuesday

Another 5.5 at lunch today. Calves still sore, but that should dissipate shortly.

Anyone needing a pregame warm-up before the Iowa vs UNI game, meet us at the North side sign in board at 8 AM this Saturday.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Weekend Recap and Trail Update

Had a decent six miler Friday at noon that began with a slightly sore back and lead legs. Ended up running through it and found my "all day pace". Thank goodness for muscle memory. Could have used some tunes though.

Saturday was spent hanging out with Eli as Ethan was ATVing with one of his buddies. Got a bunch done around the house and converted my old Diamond Back into a fendered off road commuter. Ended the day fishing with my boys and some friends followed by "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Sunday was spent with our Luther League canoeing and playing volleyball. Absolutely great day. Our youth group really needs to do more activities like this. The way the day progressed, the dynamics, and interaction of the kids and adults played into something that I am pretty sure only God could scheme. Will post some neat pics.

As for Ingawanis, the majority of the North side is open and rideable. There is still some tree debris on lower Wakosha, but riders should be able to navigate. Huge thanks to Paul Meyermann! The South side is still open as well until hunting season. We will post up when that occurs in early October. North to South side bridge is still the works. Stay tuned for upcoming group rides as the best part of the mountain biking season is upon us.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Short Post

Had a great second run last night in the cooling rain and the best part is that my wife decided to join me for a bit. Very cool. Much easier to process the day and share thoughts while doing the same thing without distraction. Here is to hoping for more!