Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Docs, Toads, Dummies, and Burnt Turkey

Visited w/ the cardiologist and he said this heart condition happens to quite a few people, yet he will need me to do a stress test. That can't be that bad. Probably no worse than your average cyclo-cross race. I'm sure all will work out.
As long as the Mrs. and I were near CF we decided to get a bite to eat and stop by Brent's shop. He is doing some neat rearranging and painting.
Kerkove has his "patented self-portait" but I decided to take this pic in true BLUE fashion.
This big dummy looks like it is begging for some long mileage and self-sustainment.

Finally, Mark your calendars for this group ride once again!


bluecolnago said...

lunch at toads? mmmmm..... :)

the stress test isn't bad, just time consuming. i did it about a year ago. chest pains and all that good stuff. oh yeah, the ole ticker is perfect!

Guitar Ted said...

Turkey Burn? Gotta pencil that in! Hopefully the snow ain't flyin' by then!