Monday, August 25, 2008

What the hell am I doing here, I don't belong here....

Pumped and ready to ride Sat AM at camp. Load the 29er single speed up and roll. Get halfway through Waverly and the Saab's dead. Acts like it's out of gas. Explain to the friendly police I'm going to go to my work and snag a gas can while my car sits along Bremer Ave. Make the run, get the gas, still no worky. It wants to, just won't keep going, definitely fuel related. Towed the car back to work and loaded up my bike into a lovely minivan(must say it's handy).

You know when you get that feeling like today is not going to be your day? Yeah, I had it. I still had a camp date so I rolled out. The south side trails are so fast that sometimes you're so into climactic singletrack euphoria that you lose things. Like my phone. This is where I thinks to me-self "shoulda stayed in bed". Luckily this directionally challenged fellow has a good memory of where I've been so I meet up with the group- GTED, Cuz, and Rob Houlihan (aka Deerslayer). to retrace w/ cuz calling me non-stop. Deerslayer finds it at the bottom of a fast gully. THANK YOU HOULIHAN!!! If Radiohead ever needs a singer they should call you. Ended up doing some more riding, packed it in and went to the in-laws to comb out my ass. No really, Harry, our donkey, was pretty matted. Grilled out on the crick beach and hung with the family. Nice finish.

Sunday was spent cleaning up around the house. Kinda nice to not have an agenda every once in awhile. My youngest was outgrowing his Specialized Hot-Rock so we found this 24" wheeled Trek at Trinkets & Togs. Needed a little TLC, but with some cleaning, tubes, new bars, bottle cage, and new speedo, we were good to go!


Guitar Ted said...

Great riding with you, thanks for working through all the adversity to get there!

I hope to put tire to dirt with you again soon.

Captain Bob said...

You're always worth waiting for Cuz. Glad you made it.