Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Weekend Recap and Trail Update

Had a decent six miler Friday at noon that began with a slightly sore back and lead legs. Ended up running through it and found my "all day pace". Thank goodness for muscle memory. Could have used some tunes though.

Saturday was spent hanging out with Eli as Ethan was ATVing with one of his buddies. Got a bunch done around the house and converted my old Diamond Back into a fendered off road commuter. Ended the day fishing with my boys and some friends followed by "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Sunday was spent with our Luther League canoeing and playing volleyball. Absolutely great day. Our youth group really needs to do more activities like this. The way the day progressed, the dynamics, and interaction of the kids and adults played into something that I am pretty sure only God could scheme. Will post some neat pics.

As for Ingawanis, the majority of the North side is open and rideable. There is still some tree debris on lower Wakosha, but riders should be able to navigate. Huge thanks to Paul Meyermann! The South side is still open as well until hunting season. We will post up when that occurs in early October. North to South side bridge is still the works. Stay tuned for upcoming group rides as the best part of the mountain biking season is upon us.

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