Monday, December 8, 2008

90 percent done... shopping that is.

Saturday AM= Shopping. Goal= Get the big ticket items out of the way. End result= Useful gifts to make the whole family happy. Cost= ahhhh....forget about it.
Did get a chance to ride w/ Robert, Kat, and John Sunday in the 14 degree temps. Bit windy as well. I wasn't happy with my choice of ss gears though. On the downside of hills, I would about bounce out of my seat keeping up with the cross bikes. Nice ride though. Thanks!

Robert aboard his single speed 1996 Voodoo super commuter

Glad I had the fat Ignitors on this icy stretch.

Could have rode all day, but as always- stuff to do!


john said...

Jeremy - good to ride with you - Thanks, it is always a joy. Sorry I wimped out on you so early.

B I D W E L L said...

No problem- I'll be reading about you after the championships!
Had never rode w/ Robert before- what a cool guy!