Tuesday, November 18, 2008

N.S.N & T.I.

In order to make myself more popular with the Mrs. I am making an "attempt" at No Shave November. We will see where that takes me... so far >>>>

Got in a nice chilly but sunny run in today. Felt pretty good other than running through campus wearing Black, Gold, and Hawkeye gloves... Good thing the 'bergers" are a friendly bunch.

It would also appear that I made the roster for Trans Iowa! Happy Training to the rest of you 74 crazy people!


Joe said...

Hey!!! Congrats on the TI entry! Huh??? More popular with the Mrs.?? My wife hates beards. I've gotten a late stat on no shave November as I've shaved about halfway through the month.


Steve Fuller said...

Congrats on getting in. Let the insanity begin. :)

B I D W E L L said...

Posted this w/ a hint of sarcasm Moj ;) I believe her words were, your not actually going the whole month are you?

john said...

Trans Iowa - Wow, give us an idea of your training program for the baiag event.

B I D W E L L said...

Training program will consist of 1. Running, which I feel can be "more bang for the buck" if you will, with time constraints and all.
2. More commuting, my route to work is about 14 miles each way.
3. A few longer, mind numbing gravel rides.
and most importantly
4. Balance.