Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jazzed up and parking Buicks

Finally cleaned out the garage and made room for the Skylark. Winter plans include pulling the motor and going through it w/ my boys. Should be entertaining.
Went to Bob's guitar last night and picked up this new Dean electric and Roland Micro Cube for my eldest son Ethan. He is getting into Jazz band this year. They had a nice Fender there but he was pretty insistant on this model. Great action and plays nice. The Cube is pretty amazing and Ethan may get some time playing on it ..... someday ;) JK
I must say that it has been my experience of some perceived snobbyness when going into music stores (also happens in bike shops- but none around here;) but there was absolutely none. Bob's guitar stayed open late and made my sons day by giving E a free shirt, strap, and pics. I'll be back for sure.

Next up is our cub scout event- should be a good community event, not to mention i'll see what the kids and adults have the most fun at. And use it for the October Flat Tire Festival!


Joe said...

Cool car!!! We had a '65 Mustang fastback for many years. We sold it 3 years ago, for lack of a good place to store it.


B I D W E L L said...

Thanks Joe- this one gets tucked in the back wall of the garage so we can still get the other vehicles in. Still pretty tight though.