Friday, August 8, 2008

Pioneering, Reunioning, & Reunioning

They all occupy the same text space, however they also occupy the same time frame. Ugh! We'll make it work, somehow.... Tonight we take our camper to the in-laws for visiting guests. We have family on her side getting together, and family on my side(including CUZ!) getting together on Saturday. We've also got Pioneer days in Clarksville this weekend. One of us will need to drive our convertible w/ a queen, and the other pull a Cub Scout float. Should prove to be a busy one.

Lets see what else is going on... Scott Gall has got a ride at 6:15 tomorrow AM to camp, do laps, and ride back. Meet at River Hills School on Grand Ave. in CF. Sunday is the group ride from Bike Tech- meet at 4:30 behind BT or be at Camp around 5.

Summer is nice, but I can't wait until fall!!

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